Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

What it's all about!

ive decided to post in english today. there seems to be quite a number of english-speaking readers out there.

so let me start by explaining what this is all about - im sure youve been wondering!

i run a small "work-shop" in vienna austria (thats europe by the way, not australia). here anyone can book a sewing workshop which i supervise and support with my experience. you dont have to know anything about sewing. we decide on what to sew beforehand and then we go for it! it takes about 4 hours depending on your abilities and the chosen project. you can also drop by and sew by the hour if you prefer on one of 5 sewing machines to do some sewing in an inspiring environment. we can chat and have a cup of coffee too if you like and i can show you some sewing-skills if you need them.

best of all - you dont have to clean up afterwards :-)

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